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Legalities of dogs that chase you..

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He did say he wasn't sure if the dog was loose or if it was just barking at his mum. Going with her to see the problem seems perfectly reasonable to me. Also gives him a chance to try to talk to the owners.

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My mother has been repetitively terrorized by a dog somewhere in the neighbor hood. She carry's a stick with her and is usually able to keep the dog at the length of the stick away from her, but has never hit the dog. When she gets home she's usually very upset and distressed. She does have a tendency to exaggerate on things. I'm not sure if the dog is just barking at her, or if it's really out to get her. Tomorrow I'm going to walk with her and try to get a better idea of what's going on. This has been going on for about 3 months, but I haven't been here all the time. I want to see which house it comes from and what the owner does to try to control it.


My question is, are you subject to animal cruelty laws for hitting a dog with a stick if you believe that it really wants to have a piece of you? Or is it considered self-defense? I'm just curious.

Self defense.


But really, she should also trie to avoyd said dog. So dont go working neer were the dog is.

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