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Trademart FAQ

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Atomic Trademart


The Rules



-- Offering things for sale is permitted on an "occasional" basis by private individuals only, not vendors or professional traders.

-- Haymarket Media, AtomicMPC and its agents will not get involved in dispute resolution. If you have a problem with a seller or buyer, don't complain to the Gods or Mods about it. If you can't sort it out by PM or email, use the Trusted Traders (which was started for this very reason) thread to alert other forum members. Furthermore, don't go starting up a whinge thread about a certain member, it will only turn into a flamefest and end up getting locked/deleted. If you're unwilling to abide by this, maybe Trademart isn't the place for you.

-- Only forum members with a rank of Journeyman (128 posts) or greater may post in Trademart, this applies to buying, selling and posting in general. This was a rule that was asked for by Atomicans that regularly use Trademart.

-- If it's not yours, don't sell it. If you've got a friend that wants to sell something, tell them to join and adhere to the 128 post policy.

-- Backup copies of software, movies or music are not allowed.

-- If you are selling goods outside of Atomic Trademart, please don't offer it for sale here as it's not fair to potential bidding parties if there are unknown bidders.

-- Firearms, alcohol, pornography and anything else restricted to minors are not allowed to be sold.

-- Engineering hardware samples are not allowed to be sold.

-- OEM software is not allowed to be sold.

-- No PM bidding is allowed. All bids must be done openly in the thread. Organising payment and delivery details by PM is fine.





For Buying


-- Caveat emptor. What this means in English, is "Let the buyer beware". Basically, it is up to you (the buyer) to be certain that what you're bidding on is what you're after. If the seller hasn't described the item well enough, ask them to. Ask as many questions as you can, there can never be too many. This saves confusion and disappointment if you receive the items and they are not what you expected.

-- Learn all you can about the item. Read the item description carefully. Do you understand all the details about postage, payment options and so on? Avoid making assumptions about details that aren't included. Do some research on the item to ensure that it will do what you want it to do.

-- Don't bid on something unless you have the money to buy it. There is nothing worse for a seller who thinks they have sold something only to find out that they have been screwed around. If you change your mind, or bought it elsewhere, PLEASE update your posts in the thread and notify the seller by PM or similar.

-- Don't post in the thread unless you're interested in the sale items. An exception to this is if you're letting the seller/potential buyers know if a price is too high/low. If you're going to do this, at least have the courtesy to provide linkage.

-- Do not hijack threads. If you have the same item for sale, post your own thread. Posts in threads saying things like "I have a similar item that you can have for the same price, message me", etc. are not needed. This also applies to Wanted to Buy threads. If you want a similar item that another person is wanting to buy, don't post in their thread saying, "I also need one of these" etc, start your own thread.

-- Take note of the "Trusted Traders" thread, it's there for a reason. Usually, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. If you have a feeling that the seller is a scammer, don't post interest in the item.

-- Contact the seller via PM, and ask for their full name, current address and email, current home phone and mobile 'phone number. Ring both and double check that that person exists at both numbers. Cross check the addresses in the white pages and (if possible) match the home phone numbers. Check that the email works. In a worst case scenario, this info is essential.

-- If you are successful and have won an item, keep in contact with the seller so you both know what's going on. Tell each other what's good for both of you in regards to payment and delivery/pickup of items.

-- As soon as you receive the goods, test them, or if you're picking them up, ask to see them working. If there are any problems, contact the seller immediately with details about the situation. Also remember to tell the community how your deal went, and post in the "Trusted Traders" thread.

-- If you are buying, make sure you choose a decent type of delivery method to avoid trouble. Avoid normal post at all costs. There is no guarantee you will receive it, no insurance and up to a weeks wait. Express post is better, it's guaranteed next day delivery (depending on location) and it's traceable. Registered Post is easily the best service from Australia Post - They have up to $100 free insurance (more if you pay a tad extra), tracking and it really doesn't cost that much ($2.35).

-- If you're planning on being away from the forums for a while, then don't bid on anything until you're back.

-- Finally, remember that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Caveat emptor.



For Payment


There are various methods of payment that the seller and the buyer can collaboratively choose together, so that both parties to the sale, (buyer & seller) feel safe. The main methods of payment used are:


-- Cash in hand. Exactly what it looks like. You meet up with the seller at an agreed location and hand over the hard-earned.

-- Direct deposit. This is where the seller gives their bank account number, account Name, BSB number and bank name to the buyer, so that the cost of the item can be directly deposited into the users account. This is very quick and easy, is most preferred with "Trusted Traders" and can be done online with only a few mouse clicks. Check with your bank for more information. This is not recommended if you feel uneasy about the seller, as there is no guarantee that after the transaction the goods will be sent to you. Exercise caution at all times.

-- Cash On Delivery (COD). Where the seller sends the items through the post and you pay for the items when you collect them from the post office. If you have any doubts at all about the seller, ask to pay by COD. But be prepared to pay a premium, because COD is a PIA when done via post.

-- Paypal or similar. These types of accounts generally work off a credit/debit card (if you have one) and charge a small amount per transaction. However they are pretty much instantaneous over the net transfers so there is little to no waiting for money.


For Selling


-- Always provide the location where you live. The postcode that you live in will do fine for this. This helps potential buyers work out approximate postage costs.

-- Always provide as much information as possible on the product you are selling. If possible provide links, reviews, pictures, etc. State the condition that the goods are also in. For instance, if the item has been modified in any way. If it's a CPU, has it been overclocked, is it stable etc, etc

-- Check your "For Sale" post regularly (at least daily) and let users know what's going on with the sale, ie it's been sold, you decided not to sell, your grandma killed it while trying to see the interactive features on Pavarotti's new CD.

-- Update your thread regularly (at least once a day) and let bidders know who is currently winning in the bidding. Update the first post to save time for users and yourself so you don't have to search through the pages of your sale trying to find the highest bidder. Provide the bidders user name and bid amount so that other members don't make bids below the current bid.

-- Use the title of the thread to give users an insight into what you have for sale, ie, "Computer Stuff" is fairly general. If possible, be specific. "EPOX 8RDA+, XP 2100..." is a good example.

-- List any conditions of the sale, eg, "Can't sell video card until my new replacement arrives on...". This includes if you would like pickup for your items from your house when bought, whether postage is included and payment options.

-- It's a good idea to set reserve and instant prices so that people don't make ridiculously low bids on your items. Add what increase on your bids you would like also, eg, "$5 bid increments taken into account only". If you do set reserve & instant prices, stick to them!

-- BE HONEST! If you are selling something that might be broken/damaged or untested, tell the bidders.

-- Always talk to the buyer and make the deal very clear on both ends, to save confusion and a bad reputation if something goes wrong.

-- Don't send the items off until you have received payment in full., Even if you have to wait for a cheque to clear.

-- Always package the goods well when/if sending them interstate/down the road/anywhere and arrange what postage the user would like the items to be sent by, the type of packaging to be used eg, anti-static bags, bubble wrap, etc. Australia Post can help buyers and sellers decide what method of postage to use.

-- When the trade is complete post in the "Trusted Traders" thread and let us know how it all went. Make sure you include a link to the sale thread or your feedback won't count.

-- If you're planning on being away from the forums for a while, then don't put anything up for sale until you're back.

-- Sellers should state whether the item is in or out of warranty and/or if they are willing to offer a DOA warranty or will it be 'as is'.

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