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Televisions, which to choose?

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My old man picked up the 52" Sony Z-Series yesterday, and we've got it all set up today.


I can't fault it at all. It looks brilliant.


Unfortunately though I don't think the LAN features are quite as developed as the Samsung, BeDLaM.



The LAN interface isn't quite as good as it seems. The whole Internet TV thing is very limited, and turns out as more of a gimmick.


You're seem to be restricted to Samsung widgets, downloaded directly from the net, and it seems only 3 are available in Australia: usa today news, accuweather and youTube.


I don't see why one more usability wasn't included; streaming video from other Flash sites might be difficult but could be possible (I want my RedTube stream dammit); but RSS and internet radio should be easy, but doesn't seem possible.


Even as a DLNA client it is restricted on all but the Samsung software, which works well but only lets me seek through certain clips which is a PITA. I've taken to using VDub to cut off the front of clips if something halts playback. Direct Stream encoding is much quicker than copying a gig over USB.


Still, when you've had a 51cm CRT all your life, it's one awesome TV :-)


Unfortunately it does not I'm afraid. I nearly didn't buy it on that, but it was too good a deal (at cost price) and I wasn't so keen on using my credit card at the computer markets (the only other joint I know that sells NAS clients with BT) and paying more money for an unknown branded product....with no real warranty.

Think it's finally time to convert my son's PC to a Windows home server; a 5yo don't need his own PC and he still steals the Laptop all the time anyway. A couple of 1tb SATA drives and a PCI Raid card and I'm go Edited by BeDLaM#29

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bit off topic but how do ppl feel about flowmotion? I disabled it, makes everything look likes its in fast-forward.

Couldn't agree more, I never turn it on on my Sony. It just looks so unnatural.

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