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Atomic’s Most Recommended Psu’s Thread.

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We can always make it a community effort: if anyone has a PSU they'd like to recommend, search reviews of it on the mentioned sites and leave comment below. OP can then edit the first post with the recommendations. ;)

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Is it worth investing in a high-efficiency power supply?

An interesting read. Seems like paying the extra for higher efficiency, monetarily doesn't benefit you a whole lot.

Unless you run it constantly loaded, then you can see ROI after a couple years.

(This is all with USA power pricings though. In Aus, it might pay off sooner)

fairly bad review unfortunately


they use a cheap power meter which can be way off on some psu and close to accurate on others but there accuracy varies depending on the load aswell

they are going by the psu 80+ ratting which is a very rough guideline as some psu dont even reach there efficiency rating and then there are psu out there like the fsp raider bronze $60 which can get over 90% efficiency which is well above bronze requirements

so they really need to test the psu efficiency curve if they are going to compare them like this

yes au power costs twice as much as us power and is rapidly increasing



say we compare these psu


Thermaltake Smart SP-430P 80Plus $50

Load Efficiency PFC

5% 63.31% 0.790

10% 74.09% 0.835

20% 80.87% 0.896

50% 83.64% 0.937

80% 83.19% 0.967

100% 82.84% 0.973

110% 82.23% 0.975


FSP Raider 450W 80Plus Bronze $60

Load Efficiency PFC

5% 79.49% 0.827

10% 85.36% 0.881

20% 89.07% 0.928

50% 90.54% 0.941

80% 88.93% 0.967

100% 88.21% 0.979

110% 87.57% 0.984


asuming 24\7 use at 30c per kw will exagerate these numbers but it makes for a good baseline

88w ~20% waist power = tt 16.83w $44 fsp 9.61 $25 = $19 saved per year

220w ~50% = tt 35.99w $95 fsp 20.81w $54 = $41 saved per year



COOLER MASTER Extreme 2 475w unrated by 80plus

77.2% efficent at ~50% load

220w waist power = 50.16w per hour $131.8 a year so you can save $77 per year by getting a more efficient budget psu



Corsair TX-850 V2 bronze $169

80% load 83.7% efficient $350 per year

Enermax Platimax 850W $275

80% load 89.4% efficent $210 per year



CoolerMaster 600W Extreme $69

521.4W dc =727w ac

Antec EA-650-Platinum $119

524.8w dc =581.8w ac

$384 per year difference between these two psu assuming the cm lived that long without killing your pc

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Is there still value in having such an old thread stickied?

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