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Windows 7 compliant Wireless N Adapter please?

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I've had it with netgear.... They haven't supported my WN311B adapter even while I was on Vista. And now that I'm on windows 7, things are starting to piss me off. The default windows driver installed works best, but I still get occasional stuttering trying to stream SD tv shows over my network.


I've tried searching for an answer, but all the links tend to take me to ppl trying to get the RTM or RC version of W7 working with it, where the end result is almost always, "it's not supported yet...wait til W7 actually comes out". Well, W7 is out. Where's my driver now dammit?


Anyway, enough ranting. Can anyone recommend me a wireless N adapter that works properly in Windows 7? I have a netgear DG834N (v1) modem router if that makes a difference.


** edit **

I should add, that it's the original Windows included driver that works best. They have an update for it, which doesn't even work. I installed it, and it couldn't see ANY wireless networks at all.


Tried using the netgear provided driver (which is only vista compatible) and it's terrible.

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