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Just got me an iPhone!

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Well, I have setup IPSec VPN on my iPhone, and RDP'd to a file server to test it, and my god, it works beautifully.


I seriously could go without a laptop for work/on call now that I have this little pocket sized piece of awesome!


Also my apps list (Can't remember which are paid or free)



Pkt Weather AU


iTap RDP


WiFi Track

News Aus Lite

Vector TD

Flight Control

PS Mobile (photoshop app for basic effects)


Optus My Account app


Around Me

French Lite

Italian Lite

101 Classics - free books with built in reader

Hollmes - Free sherlock books



PDF Reader Pro Edition

LEGO Photo - converts photos to look like lego

reMovem - bubble breaker game

Drum Kit

Sydney movie times

Triple J Unearthed.

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