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56k hell... 64 bit server OS + need for fax modem = nightmare?

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OK, so people generally don't use dial-up internet accounts anymore. It turns out however that PEOPLE ARE STILL FUCKING USING FAXES! OMG fark!... ok rant over.


"I want to fax from my server" he says, "Hey geek, go find me a cheap modem / modem card and have it working by Monday" he says, "Sure, should be easy enough" I say.


OK, it is a confuckingspiracy. All 56k modems that I can get my hands on over the weekend only come with 32 bit drivers. The client's server is running a 64 bit OS (as you do for ram etc).

Here are some examples:


No 64 bit drivers:

D-Link DFM-562E

Only XP 64 bit (no vista 64 which is what I need for SBS 2008 64 bit):

Netcomm Rave III


This forum was not very comforting:



By the way, the client only has a small budget and may only actually use this device once or twice a fortnight (not heavy commercial use, mainly just throwing out an old fax machine)



Moments later:



Ehey!! I found one while researching for this post. At this point, I think I'll still post this just in case it helps somebody else.


The answer:

D-Link DU-562M

No luck for Windows 7 64 bit users but vista 64 (eg. SBS 2008 64 bit) are catered for.


wait... D-LINK is NEVER "the answer"... (It is just me? nah. They have never really impressed me with their products or service, infact they have dis-appointed me a number of times. It seems many others feel the same way)


OK, still looking. If anyone out there is actually using one in this situation happily PLEASE post, I will be unbelievably greatful *gets under the table in preparation*.




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doesn't Windows 7 have generic Modem drivers?





Edit: But they are shit.

Edited by mudg3

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Serial port modems don't shouldn't need drivers, unless you want to do fancy stuff like make voice calls, or put data calls on hold.


Get the D-Link one, use generic drivers (Hayes Compatible if the option is there).



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Just updating you on this situation.


I ended up coming across an external 2nd hand serial Generic Hayes compatible 56k modem (V92) (no brand on it!?). It was offered to me for next to nothing so I tried it out and the generic drivers on SBS 2008 (R2) worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice, it really helped (Especially mudg3 :)



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Give me a medal?

Can somebody please decorate mudg3!


I think I have already nominated one of your helpful posts (in one of my threads, iPhone?) for Post of the month.


Much respect,


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