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WD10EADS, dead after two months!

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I have a Western Digital 1TB Green Power SATAII drive that's died on me after 2 months, manufacture date 5 Nov 2009. Luckily, I managed to recover all data off it bar a few CD images for games which I own, so those can easily be re-ripped.


Currently running a sector scan of the drive, however after the SMART scan failed spectacularly (entire system locked up), I'm not expecting any miracles.


I'll probably take it back to Umart on monday, since they keep all my purchases on file I shouldn't need to take my receipt. Still, according to their warranty procedure, it can take up to 21 working days for a replacement drive, since they'll probably be shipping it back to WD. Good thing I had the space free (and the spare drives that it replaced) to back things up to.


First drive death in a long time, guess I was just lucky up to now D:

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Yeah they are good drives. I've used a sold a few of those myself and haven't had any issues. Luck of the draw my friend unlucky to here.




BTW the 21 days is 21 business days so it will most likely take about a month. Probably best to just grab another one and use the new one you get back as a back up drive.

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