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Zombie Mod Revived

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As the title says, zombie mod for css has been revived with the old icannt server upgraded and restored. The server that used to be plagued with lag now has quad i7's and a 100mbps unrestricted connection allowing up to 64 players to be on at once with minimal lag. It's often populated and as a result, in only six weeks this server has not only become the number 1 zombie mod css server, but the number 1 css server in the world.


For those who don't know what zombie mod is, here's a brief explanation:


Each round a random person is chosen as the zombie. They then must go and infect the other humans who try and kill the zombies. If a human is infected, they take on the role of the zombie and the round either ends with everybody as a zombie or at least one human surviving.


The maps are usually either barricade or escape maps. Barricade maps involve the humans getting inside a room and shooting furniture, like couches and vending machine, in front of the entrance. From there they must hold out the zombies until the end of the round. Escape maps on the other hand, involve getting from point A to point B without getting infected. Often they will take various vehicles like boats and helicopters to get to the end or to make the actual escape. The round usually ends with a nuke going off and killing all those left on the island/city/place trying to escape from. There are some brilliant maps on the server including Lord of the ring, pirate of the carribean and starwars themed ones. Also, for those who used to play it regularly, many of the older maps have been revamped.


The beauty of this mod is that it's not a seperate game from css. Simply join the server and all the maps and models will be downloaded straight to your pc,usually pretty fast. Many of the models you will already have too. However, there are quite a few maps so at first you'll find yourself constantly downloading them.


The server IP:




Going alphebetical order in the maps will put it towards the bottom of the server list


Hope to see ya there

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