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Just got a Transformer Prime 32GB TF201 the other week, loving it so far. Ended up getting the pay for version of QuickOffice HD so I can get access to fonts (all three of them), a bit peeved that even Google Docs does not contain or display alternative fonts. That is probably my only complaint so far.


Have so far installed:


- QuickOffice HD

- ebuddy

- Adobe Reader

- Photoshop Touch

- Grand Theft Auto III

- Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD

- Osmos HD


Any recommendations on Apps I should get?

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For games, try:


Sleepy Jack

Another World (slightly updated classic)

Temple Run

World of Goo

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The first on my list was Angry Birds, the original version. until now i haven't completed all the levels. Then Angry Birds Space which I haven't gone far enough too. For browsing I'm using the native Android browser and Dolphin Browser. For music I'm using the native music app with DSP Manager (equaliser) to produce better audio quality. Just yesterday I tried SimSimi and it's driving me crazy, literally.

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I hust recently got a Samsung Note and as i havnt used any other smart phone before i think it puts a interesting perspective on what apps we search for as scren size makes a big diffrence.


Main Apps:

Navigon (GPS)


Ulysee speedometer (my utes speedo is broken and this does a great HUD dislay on your windscreen)

Animated Knotts (shows you how to tie a heap of diffrent knotts in ope costs $5 but well worth it)

Office Calculator (only because it has a Tape to show the previous calculations which is great on a note as there is plenty of room)

ES file explorer (really nice way to manage the files on the phone over stock)

TPG Monitor (tracks my phone usage and cap very handy)

Accupedo (the best Pedometer i can find, but for some reason google play wont let me buy the full version?)

Go Keyboard (jusy a nice free keyboard...dosnt have swype..but im happy with it)

Aus Map (basically the Melways or brisways...what ever you want to call it... handy because sometime i like to check my own route and i prefer melways maps)

First Aid by britich red cross (get a first aid App...you never know if you will need it...especially if you have no training)

Google Currents (Brilliant...i love this app, great way to get new etc on your phone, great on the note) (better than the google news widget)

Unit Converter (already used it twice to change a KPI to a PSI and a Cal to a Kjl)

Ebroadcast free (a tv guide for your phone...great on the note...works really well and looks great)

GPS test (just handy if you are having trouble getting a gps signal, doubles as a speedo)

Chess Free (i lik playing chess...so much better than solataire..and great on a note)

Melbourne Water (a cool app...shows how much is in the damms and a webcam to show the thompson nifty but pretty much useless unless it interests you)

Orange Diary (i have tried a few and still working out what i like the most...but orange diary is very nice...i also like smooth calender..still settling though)

Stick Cricket (this is good fun and great sound effects!! awesome on a Note..be great on a tablet....good fun if you like cricket)

G string Guitar tuner

Mobo player for videos

Data toggle widget (3G widget so i can turn of data packets when no in use..saves alot of battery power)

3 (this MP3 player that is a cube that spins..i really like it)


Apps that work really well on the NOTE...like drawing.


Zen Brush Free (japenese ink brush sketching tool so goooood to play with only available on the samsung app store i think)

Sketch Free (really nice sketch tool)

Autodesk Sketchbook mobile (the best drawing tool i have so far in terms of a total package as the others are more niche..really nice and only $4)

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Google Currents is great but I recently dropped it for Flipboard (which is coming soon).


The current Flipboard version even has a widget as well.

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