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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pre Order/Beta Steam

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Got a Key of gameplanet.co.nz


You have to be a member/Join


Ask in Thread


PM comes with Key


I downloaded from Node and away you go.


390 ping US Servers. Snipers for days. 1 Map. 1 Mode. Kinda over loaded with effects like smoke and snow effects.

Looks pretty. I'm a noob at BF2 it seams cause with that ping I die way to much to get into a grove. Also the games kicked me (probably for ping) a lot.

Anyway if you want to add me as a friend i'm "Kiwi Gunny" and you can level up killing me over and over like the rest of the server.


Oh and noticed quite a few jump in a jeep drive to enemy spawn area and shoot em in the back. Certainly is Battlefield ....

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