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2010... My Gods, when did it get to be the future?!


Anyway, futureshock aside, some things are the same now as they've ever been, and one thing we strive to keep doing is rewarding the best and brightest of the forums with kudos and acclaim (and a mouse, from Digital World Warehouse) with POST OF THE MONTH! So who's words reign supreme for the first month of the year?


Rion's! Thanks to his excellent and response-provoking post on the radicalisation of PC gaming:



And there's more coolness besides...


Oracle X, for his interpretations of some important life lessons.



Saponification gets all reasonable in one of Atomic's ongoing debates.



King_TriTAN lays the smack - and advice - down in this Console thread.



There you go sportsfans - a small slice of win from the forums. Get clicking, and get congratulating!

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Congratulations to all...


/are the "silly season" hols always this controversial ? Hope so. :)

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Rion just posts very eloquent streams of consciousness, and I love it :)


Congrats to all :)



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So the awesomeness of Rion's post has now been documented for the record.


Since that followed on from a discussion with the whore, will he give her the post? (of the month)

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I would have to say I am shocked the the revelation of this. I do love my PC gaming but I was never under the impression anything I posted there was of particular value or insight but that must be contrary to the case and I will not belittle any such efforts to convey it otherwise. I am appreciative of all that nominated and seconded the process found value in what the thread generated. I hope that I can continue to provide such content in the future.


However it is my secret shame that what segger says is true, it was not all my own work. Some of the credit of this post does belong to elvenwhore who I discussed the issue with at great length and while she did not write the post some of the ideas and details did come from our discussion and I would like to acknowledge that. As such like in the stories of old if David wants to pull a King Solomon and cut the mouse down the middle and award some of it to each of us I say keep it intact and award it to her, but I know elvenwhore would never allow such a thing either> But hey it was a nice scenario visualise.


Thank you all again.

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