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Website Password prompt.

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I was trying to log into my blog on my website and I clicked log in and a username-password prompt popped up and I entered my username and password and nothing happened, then I tried again and the proper prompt came up and I entered my username and password and logged in. It was really strange, I should have just refreshed the page with SHIFT-F5 and then tried again. I ended up logging into tripod and changing my password to something long and alphanumeric as I was paranoid about this. Has this happened to anyone else? The prompt was grey with just a username entry field and a password entry field. I have seen this before and backed off from it but this time I was stupid and bit. It did not fit in with the site and I have seen something exactly like this pop up on another site. I just wonder what it was as if it had been the right pop up I would have been logged in, but I saw nothing happen and I wonder where the information went, that is why I changed my password.


I was using Ubuntu 9.04 live CD and Firefox 3.0 with FoxyProxy enabled. Logging into my paid Tripod.com account.

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