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A cheap macro shot :)

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Haven't picked up the camera for a while, and I'm off to Thailand with it next week, so figured I'd better clear out the cobwebs before I head off...


The flower was about half the size of a 5 cent piece to give you an idea of the sizing :) I really like the green bokeh, and I think I have the crop finally the way I like it... open to suggestions though, I never really got the hang of cropping :( Anyway, no post work apart from slight exposure changes in Lightroom.


Posted Image



Pulled out a lens I hadn't really used very much, which I got for $30 with an Asahi Pentax film body (in perfect condition). The lens is a Tokina 35mm 2.8 and was mounted onto a set of extension tubes, not entirely sure how long, just played around :P


Posted Image

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