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Freelancers looking for work (Flash based game)

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I'm currently the Systems Administrator for a book publisher in London. One of the books recently published will be released in paperback form and they're looking to put together some form of flash based game to be hosted on the book's website and flash-based gaming websites in conjunction with this release. They're initially looking for a designer who can incorporate the "design" of the game (which may come from a competition for kids that will be set up) with basic gameplay/graphics or a designer who can undertake the entire project. We do have graphic designers and artists on site that may be able to assist in the project.


This is a perfect project for an up-and-coming designer to get their name out and will give the person selected a brilliant platform to showcase their work (as well as give them something to add to their own portfolio).


This are the basic requirements:

  • Can design and program a simple children's game- based on a book. The program will be based on existing characters, background and theme from the book.
  • Has expertise in online game design and development with a portfolio to prove experience.
  • The project may lead to further freelance work.
The core elements of the game will have the protagonist struggling for an item, escaping from an enemy - all in a single screen or multi-screen playfield - and of course, using settings from the book.


This is a paid job, but funds are somewhat limited. £300~£1000 depending on experience.


Please contact Parul Bavishi if interested. Please note that I will not be selecting the person for the position, and that I am only posting on behalf of Parul. I am more than happy to give advice or test your games.


Please look at http://www.surfnetkids.com/games/moodys_magical_eye.htm (and other Harry Potteresque games - Quidditch, etc) for inspiration.




Alex K

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Hey Dave


Would you mind forwarding details of your project(s) to Parul directly.


Thanks mate

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I should come into programming more often :P


I'm an experienced game designer, but possibly not competent enough with Flash.

And the money would be awesome :P

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