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Amazing use of the DSi camera

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I'm stoked by how creative it is and the potential gameplay modes that could evolve from it, even if the technique is taken up very slowly which I'm sure will be the case.


The game is called Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda and it's developed by Feel-good. Here's some more information on the game, which is only available in Japan as a download.



Apparently Feel-good have only done educational video games for DS, I can't confirm if they're the ones who developed Rittai Kakushi makes suspicious of the validity of the link.

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lol both those clips are really cool. that Rittai Kakushi game is very impressive. i wonder if they could do that with xbox/ps3 cams, maybe project natal could get some pointers from these guys (if its' relesed anytime soon)

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