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Achtung Panzer : Kharkov 1943

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The T-54/T-55 has been around for over 60 years and is still in frontline use with a number of armies.

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For those who followed this game


Achtung Panzer: Operation Star is available through GamersGate for 29.95


It is an improvement on AP:K43 in some areas.


The UI is still a bit clunky though - and the game lacks a decent manual. If I hadn't played AP:K43 I would probably be totally lost.


There is an in game Tutorial (which may not be a plus actually...)

The Artillery controls are changed and improved.

You can fight (on the German side) as 11 Pz Division and / or 2nd SS Panzer "Das Reich" Division - with Tigers.


I am still learning about the game - but might write a brief review if I get a chance.

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Yes I know, old post but

why is it called acthung panzer? seems stupid the Germans would be saying acthung to their own tank?

Panzer is actually a generic word for tank.

It does not mean a specific make or model of tank.

So all tanks are Panzers in German . Hence a Panzer Division was an armoured division no matter what sort of armour they had.

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Operation Star


The game engine is the same as AP:K43 - but there are some notable improvements;

* The UI appearance has changed and (IMHO) improved. It has lost it's WWII era 'feel' in exchange for a cleaner, more modern, look with buttons that are bigger.

* The Artillery Interface has been completely revamped AND fire plans can now bee seen when the Command Influence and Orders button is on. This is a real improvement.

* Air support now comes in flights of distinct aircraft rather than the mass of droning aircraft... which makes sense if you have watched the Steel Armor: Blaze of War promos.

* Reinforcement and repair now works differently - I have not had enough time to decide if I like it more than AP:K43 yet? I think I do - pluses and minuses here.

* The AI seems a little bit 'smarter'?


* The in game Tutorial is a new idea... but I don't really like it... a PDF manual would really help. Particularly when I want to learn something specific. [ALT]+[END] is your friend.


* Pluses and Minuses here - but in general I am loving it.

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