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Which contries have the most cyber crime

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just setting up peerblock on all the local PC's here since my firewall logs a lot of port scans and what not coming from completely unrelated... well countries.


Im not blocking HTTP, so it shouldnt interfere with web browsing, or even standard downloading. As such, do you think I should just block all non-english speaking countries? Is there any reason I'd need to connect to said people in a normal environment? I cant think of one (english speaking contries, however will have game servers and what not).



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smakme7757, looking at the txt version, its basically all adservers, tracking cookie sites, and a few data miners. Nothing too 'serious'.


Im more concerned about blocking people trying to probe my UDP ports with worms, flooding a TCP port to try and overwhelm my firewall, and so on.


As such, so far, Ive had 4 chinese addresses hit my UDP ports overnight; all 4 being common trojan ports (not that im infected, but I'd prefer to not respond)


and 48'000 firewall blocks; but thats mainly my modem\router multicasting and being blocked (i cant allow that through in commodo ><)



Basically im being OVERLY security concious because I have housemates who are NOT. once I have this worked out, we install said apps on all systems, and away we go.

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everything passes shields up these days (also i dont trust GRC); im also interested in OUTBOUND threats too.


OK; peerblock blocking a huge ammount of stuff; updated HOSTS file, Commodo Firewall, Avira Antivirus. Win.


Just gotta keep looking for a better firewall.


China and Russia I assume are the main countries to outright block? I may block their IP ranges at the router level.

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It could work, but many of these cyber crime units have lots of zombie computers in different countries around the world not to mention big Bot-Net servers. Just blocking China and Russia would only be the tip of the ice berg. Normally i would have said as long as your behind a NAT router and have a software firewall monitoring outbound connections you should be pretty safe, but your a bit more concerned that most people.


After resolving the IP's of many spam messages recently it seem alot of crap is coming out of latvia and brazil tremendouse amounts actually. Although there is no denying that blocking China and Russia would increase your security!


It could be worthwhile noting you could always install a switch between your PC and the router so that way you can be sure that no unsolicited packets can reach your PC? Of course if your connected over wireless it might not be so easy!

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im allowing HTTP from everywhere; so thats not an issue.


Thus far my blocklist contains:


Default Bluetak lists: Spyware\Adware, Government, P2P, Educational.













(and now) Brazil



Hikacked IPs (bots etc)


Primary Threats (anyone who monitors shit)



Netblocks CONFIRMED to be spammer or zombie only.



p2p baddies; poisoners etc.


Suspicious IP's that are under investigation.


Confirmed Hackers and what not.


I get scanned by a lot of Index spiders caus our IP is static *shrug*



People faking inthe p2p community. (fake files etc)


People who like kids to much




I love PeerBlock; I dont even p2p but it still blocks shit, and thus far no system slowdown even with millions of IPs added. Im pretty happy.

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Looks like a good list of crap to block i might even have a look at installing it when i get home. If you say there is no impact on performance i think i might give it a go actually.


Now all you have to do is setup a private VPN in ubuntu so you can connect to it when your not at home :). I have mine on a dualboot system it works wonders (when i remember to turn it on) when i need to use the internet while travelling or when i know ill be away for a few days! If peerguardian works in linux you could get the benifit while out and about. Fucking fantastic =D

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