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N97 Mini vs Sony Ericsson Satio

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Don't get the N97, get the N97 Mini personally...



Or do something completely different and check out the Nokia X6. Three have it, it's basically an N97 mini with a capacitive touch-screen (very responsive, multi-touch capable) and no keyboard, with 16gb of memory. Sexy.

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iPhone its going to have to be, N97 seems nice but its just not going to stack up..


The plan I am looking at is the "Unlimited" Plans, I only have to contract myself to a $79 cap for the 16GB 3GS but I'll boost it up.


With optus, to get that you also MUST suscribe to the 14.99 datapack.. I need the calls more than I need the data, but if Im paying $99 I damn well want some data too :P


As much as I hate myself for it right now.. You guys are right, I have to go for the iPhone, if I get a cheaper alternative I'm going to regret is down the line


The other option was to put up with my prepaid for a few more months, BUT that meansd I have to waste money buying a new phone. And it doesnt really sound like the new one will be anything HUEG when it comes to upgrades anyway


No video calls on the iPhone IS a downer, I had been looking forward to playing with them.


Thats probably the ONLY advantage to the N97, that would have been a nice addition

Mate, I will do you a solid, I am going to pimp myself as your iPhone support, I am passing you my email through PM, any questions or problems you have, email me and I will make sure I do what I can to help.


Only seems fair, since I pimped them enough to make you decide on one!


PM on its way.

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