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lord of the french

Windows Broken

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i have built up a new CPU with these specs

Asus P5P41T LE

Intel Pen E6600

2GB DRR3 1333hz

lite on DVD drive

unknown 80G HDD


when i downloaded a DVD region code unlock er I restarted it and it loaded fine until after the windows loading screen before the log in screen

then it went black permanently and the CPU was still running really hard and the DVD drive was spinning at full speed

Have you got any idea why this is happening and how to solve it?



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so is this a once off or is this happening every time you boot? and if so, what driver/unlocker did you get?

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Hey Lord of the French!


Welcome to Atomic. Please read through the forum FAQ's to help you use this site to the best of your ability.


Have you tried accessing Safe Mode? After the POST screen, keep pressing F8 until the pre windows options menu comes up. When it does select Safe Mode. I would then recommend you uninstall that DVD region code unlocker. And then try booting into Windows normally again.

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