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Is it possible to run all svchost services through the same instance?

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Looking at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314056, it seems to be that i might be able to combine all my svchost processes to the same instance, however, will it work?


I am the only person that uses the computer, the computer is set to login with no user prompt, and my user account is Administrator access level.


At the moment, i have 6 instances of svchost, taking around 50MB of memory - i want less instances, and hopefully overall, less memory use.


tasklist /svc

Image Name				   PID Services
========================= ====== =============================================

svchost.exe				  672 DcomLaunch, TermService
svchost.exe				  720 RpcSs
svchost.exe				  796 AudioSrv, Browser, CryptSvc, Dhcp, dmserver,
								 EventSystem, FastUserSwitchingCompatibility,
								 helpsvc, lanmanserver, lanmanworkstation,
								 Messenger, Netman, Nla, NtmsSvc, Schedule,
								 seclogon, SENS, SharedAccess,
								 ShellHWDetection, Themes, TrkWks, W32Time,
								 winmgmt, Wmi, wscsvc, wuauserv, WZCSVC
svchost.exe				  868 Dnscache
svchost.exe				  892 LmHosts, RemoteRegistry
svchost.exe				 1684 WebClient

http://i50.tinypic.com/2po5y8m.gif - task manger

http://i46.tinypic.com/vyb6ur.gif - registry key

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Unless I am reading the page wrong, you could hack that reg entry to include all services under the one entry.


But don't be surprised if the memory usage of that one instance increases to offset the extra things it is managing.

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There's probably a good reason that DCOM and RPC are in separate processes to all that other junk.


In any case, your performance gains are going to be between zero and fuck all.

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I'm not after performance, just looking to see if its possible


So far, i have combined these keys and everything is working ok;





into netsvcs


Before i did this, 6x svchost was taking 54.136

Now i got 3x svchost taking 32.36


Trial and error - I stuck everything into the one process, and windows would load, but explorer would not (and no net access either)


If your going to do this, do not touch dcom, rpcss or termsvc - also back up the key before you start

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