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Whatever happened to deportation?

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Maybe, legally and all, they can't guarantee the public they'll be exporting the nasty fucker.

Well, that's just not good enough!


What sort of pissweak protection is the government offering its citizens?

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9 years..........and still likely.




The defence argued the rape did not involve "gratuitous violence", although the woman was left with two black eyes.


Judge Harbison said it was a serious example of stranger rape and sentenced Singh to serve a minimum nine years' jail.


Singh was in Australia on a spousal visa and is likely to be deported on his release.


His wife and son have returned to India.

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This scumbag certainly didn't want to go!




A KAZAKH man cut off his penis at Madrid's Barajas airport to avoid being extradited home and was taken to hospital in a serious condition, Spanish media reported today.


The 52-year-old man had finished serving a five-year prison sentence in Spain for a violent crime and was due to be extradited back to Kazakhstan overnight Monday.


Despite being escorted by several police officers, the man was able to slip a knife out of his clothing and sever his penis.


The man was admitted to a Madrid hospital and was still in a serious condition today, Spanish media said.

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What's the bet this guy skips bail?




A Victorian court has heard the Libyan government is funding the legal defence of a student charged with sexual assaults at two Melbourne railway stations.


Police allege 27-year-old Libyan national Almahde Atagore has sexually assaulted three people since the weekend.


The magistrates court was told he approached a 21-year-old woman from behind on the escalator at Flinders Street Station on Sunday afternoon and placed his hand on her underpants.


It is alleged he did the same to a 13-year-old girl minutes later.


Atagore is also charged with indecently assaulting a 17-year-old girl at Mentone station yesterday.


His lawyer told the court the Libyan government was paying for Atagore's legal fees and would be keen to offer a substantial surety if he was released on bail.


Atagore was remanded in custody to appear in court again on Thursday.

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Health checks..................right...........




A SUDANESE man who saw seven relatives hacked to death, was mentally ill when he set fire to his wife after pouring petrol over her, a Sydney judge has found.


After conducting a judge-alone trial, Justice Peter Garling found Suliman Nmir Adam not guilty of murdering Fatima Kany by reason of his mental illness, schizophrenia.


Ms Kany died in hospital days after suffering burn wounds to about 90 per cent of her body on August 27, 2009, at the couple's home in Mount Druitt in Sydney's west.


In the NSW Supreme Court on Friday, the judge ordered that Mr Adam be detained in a psychiatric ward until, and if, the Mental Review Health Tribunal was satisfied he no longer posed a risk to the community or himself.


He said the couple, who came to Australia as refugees in 2006, had a history of domestic disputes.


After Ms Kany was taken to hospital, police found a cigarette lighter outside the fire damaged bathroom and he told them "I set my wife on fire".


Mr Adam came from the western part of Darfur in the Sudan.


"In the course of the extensive civil war in the Sudan, in 1999 or 2000, Mr Adam witnessed the murder of seven relatives," the judge said.


"They were hacked to death, various body parts were removed with machetes, and he witnessed their burial in a mass grave just outside the village in which he lived.


"As a consequence, he experienced recurrent images of the particular incident.


"He also witnessed other traumatic experiences before he was able to flee from the Sudan to Egypt in the north."


He sustained the onset of mental illness in 2000 and was first hospitalised in Egypt when he reported hearing voices of people, referring to the killings he witnessed in Darfur.


On arrival in Australia, Mr Adam was troubled by auditory hallucinations and persecutory ideas

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So someone commits a crime of violence in our country, is convicted under Australian law and you want to send them to another country who has no obligation to punish them? So they may get off scot free? You want the punishment of criminals of foreign origin to be a lottery out of the control of the country they committed the crime in?



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Well really.......the point is, if he wasn't here in the first place, deportation would not be an option.

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