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I have a nzxt fan controller, with a water cooling set-up and what I want to do is have a a bits power temperature sensor on one of the inlets to the reservoir connected to the fan controller so the speed of the fans on the radiator can be varied only thing is I have 2 fans on the radiator and only one port on the fan controller that corresponds to the temperature sensor in the reservoir. I was wondering is there anyway to combine the two plugs like through an adaptor or can i just cut them and solder the two together and run them like hat so the controller thinks their one fan.

Cheers Delge

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If your going to be running them in serial your going to be cutting your 12v rail to 6v, and the fans may have trouble spinning up, and will also only reach 1/2 of there maximum RPM.


I/o normally has lots of stuff relating to this head over to dans data if you CBA reading over back copys.


http://www.dansdata.com/io001.htm - full list on the right hand side

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