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League of Legends - how many of you play?

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As far as I can see, I don't think anyone has posted this yet?


Any who, who here is playing League of Legends? For those who don't know


In my opinion, release did not go too well (so much locked content) so I left it for 9 months, and boy, am I having a lot of fun now.


So, i'll start this off,


screen name is Kazimaru


Whats yours?? be good to get some atomic LoL action happening




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LoL is pretty lol. It's a lot more relaxed and casual than DotA. You can't deny and stuff like that. It's also uses micro-transactions IIRC (may be wrong, but vaguely remember there being a reason for me not caring about it when I was in the HoN private beta).

HoN is DotA with new heroes, and 2 new maps that retards play. The mechanics of the game are almost exactly the same.


If you liked DotA, then HoN is for you.

If you always wanted to try DotA but the competitiveness of it put you off, LoL is for you.

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