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Windows Server 2008 Crash

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Hello Everyone,


I am currently having an issue with one of my servers.


We've had the box for 3 years now and we've never really had a problem, Now in the past few days we've had crashes galore.


It seems to be limited to just 1 per day now and its usually after hours.


But this means our end of day process isn't going through.


Because it happens after hours I have no way of seeing if its a BSOD or something different, The server is just off by the time I get in.


There is no memory dump recorded even though it is set up to do so,



As far as logs go there is an account logon by a local process 3 or 4 minutes before the crash,

Apart from that theres nothing,


Power is not the issue as The ups hasn't been tripped.


I dont really no where to go from here as there is no memory dump to find out what was going on and no logs.


This strikes me as unusual.


The only reason I could really think for there to be no logs is a HDD issue,


Possibly an issue with the SCSI controller.



Who knows,


I'd just thought I'd post up here to see if anyone has any ideas before I call a specialist in.

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Windows does not deal well with memory errors either. memtest might reveal the problem to you.


My first thought though would be an update was performed on the box and it does not like it. Has windows update patched the system recently? As always the most likely case for server failures is untested updates - those are your first targets.

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