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Derek Zoolander

Help; reboot issues in COD4

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Hi, I have been having a strange issue with random reboots that only seems to affect only COD4 in multiplayer mode. When the system restarts theres no messages about what error is occuring. The strange thing is I have no problems in any other games (online) or applications. My initial thoughts could it be the PS but since it only occurs in 1 application could it be a dodgy ram stick?


The system is not overclocked, these are the specs


AMD 4800+ X2

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AMD 780G/SB700 chipset

4x 1GB Corsair 800 DDR2 ram

Gigabyte 8600 GT

1x 80GB HDD

1x 200GB HDD

1x 320 GB HDD

1x DVD burner

500 w widetech ps


Mobo & nvidia drivers are all up todate.

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download occt and run it through a mixed batch test for 2 hours and that will stress the ram and cpu, if it pases it may be something else.

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