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time to upgrade

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I have had a 7800gtx for some time now (close to three years). It has been good to me but it is time to upgrade to get smoother performance from games like crysis and the upcoming farcry2. My current setup is a little dated but I don't really want to upgrade everything right now.


AMD x2 4200

2x1gb CORSAIR XMS3200 DDR400 CL2-3-3-6

Asus A8n Premium mb

2x 320 hds

(asus en7800gtx)

neo psu 550w


What would be the best upgrade with this gear? I assume getting something too powerful would be wasted. I was thinking of spending <$400.

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Well spending around $400 is still going to get you something which requires more data than the rest of your system can provide to reach it's full potential. I'd be looking at an nvidia 9600gt or ati hd 4670, the 4670 is cheaper but the 9600gt is the better performer. Whether your system is up to providing the 9600gt with enough data to make it a worth while purchase over the 4670 is the real question and one i can't answer as pretty much all benchmarks on the web revolve around higher end core2 based systems. What i can guarantee is that you'll get a good performance boost with either card over the 7800gtx, i still wouldn't be to hopeful about crysis but farcry 2 may be playable at medium settings as it's far less cpu dependent. Older games should will run well enough though, so if your after a cheap upgrade <$200-150 to get some extra life out of your system it's a pretty reasonable purchase to make. You may wish to consider giving your cpu, mobo and memory an upgrade too:


-Gigabyte ep45 ds3l @ $159

-Intel core 2 e7200 @ $159

-4gb ddr2 800 @ $76

-9600gt @ $119


$516 + after market cooler [if your haven't already got one on the x2 4200] to give the e7200 a reasonable overclock, probably around $600 total.


The rest of your system is fine, the psu is more than adequate to run the above components.



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look at a 4870 1g or gtx260 (the new 216 revision) they can both be had for under $400 and perform much the same

now your cpu will hold you back a lot in some games especially crysis but most other games should stay over 30fps most the time if you overclock the cpu

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Thanks for the info!


I currently play Crysis, most settings on medium and it runs smoothly. However, I would like the eye candy and that upgrade sounds quite cheap, so I will wait, save and be better off!


Thanks again!

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