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To RAID or not to RAID.

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Certainly RAID 0 did bugger all for read world speed for me. I've alternated between RAID 0, RAID 1, and no RAID a few times over the last few years and the only difference I noticed was upgrading to SSD. And then it was like 'holy crap!'. Like they say, easily the most significant and cost effective single upgrade you can do. Well, assuming ur not trying to run Win 7 on 512MB of RAM :p

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What speeds are you getting with the 6 drives id RAID 0?

not sure dont know what program to use, can you recomend one? ill do some test once i change over to my i5 system and set it all up again.


edit: might also buy a few drives and try raid 5.

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with knowledge comes understanding and comfort.


I will go with raid0, the budget dictates I look at HDD for the moment but, the parts left to buy are the most expensive and will fall in price as time goes by. (x6 1055, HD5770 & ram). a single SSD would be tops, a raid0 pair would be better.

for backup, a NAS of some sort is the next project to cover the data for the 3 PC's at home.


this prings us to the next issue.


Raid Controlers.

Onboard, card, other?

I have http://www.gigabyte.com.au/products/produc...spx?pid=3517#ov and have been gettign advise that some onboard controlers suck and software controlers suck and that windows sucks.

again, starting from scratch, what is useful to know about raid controlers and how that related to my board.

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i think the best setup would a a SSD (boot drive as other have said) and to RAID 0 2 1TB's (i too am thinking of running 4 drives (2 in raid 0 and 2 in RAID 1 later)

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