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I know it's shit, and could do with something other than frames, but a web-designer i am not, nor can i afford one at this point in time. If anyone has some suggestions, i would welcome them, this being my first serious foray into html.

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uh well, take a look at some other good websites and understand what's good and bad about them. Try and get a feeling for what works and what doesn't.

Design what you want the site to look like in photoshop or some other graphic program. If it still looks shit, and you want it to look good, go hire a graphic designer on the cheap if you can.

Then take that, and mark it up using html and css. superfirey's sticky demonstrates some of the steps in doing this last part.


Things that are bad with your current design: Nearly all of it tbh.

Don't use frames.

Don't use tables unless it's for tabulated data.

Don't use times new roman as the body font.

Pick a colour scheme (perhaps try monochromatic, use adobe's kular for help: http://kuler.adobe.com/ ) and stick to it.


Basically, look at what websites do well, and what websites do badly. Capitalise on the good, and minimise the bad, and you should be able to do miles ahead of what you've currently got.

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um... i can't really add anything to what tastypie has already said. the best starting point would definately be to peruse some of the international drift club sites to give you a few pointers as to what drifters like in a website. then throw together a mock-up in a graphics program and, when you're happy with it, start hacking it up into bits and putting it back together as a web page.


i'd be more than happy to lend a hand throwing something together - if you've got a basic idea in mind of how you'd like the final site to look. in fact, come to think of it, i'd be equally happy to design something as well, if you wanted (i've got little else to do at the moment).

as it is at the moment, your site really only consists of a 'home/welcome/who-what-where we are' page, with links to a pre-made forum and gallery, so apart from the design aspect, there's not a lot of work involved. which is a good thing :o)

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