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Atomic Photo-A-Week LXV

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Week 65 of our weekly event


These fine folk posted in previous weeks:


- 2SHY

- 12345

- 80mercury

- Antraman

- Athiril

- Caelum

- Chancellor

- cmos

- CokeMan

- Demonic

- eat_the_flag

- gabber

- Genisis X

- h3viw8

- hectorbustnuts

- Hoonbernator

- index680i

- jake.f

- JediKnight

- Mac Dude

- MandoTim

- Malkieri

- mecon2

- michael.jenkin

- motiv

- Oomph

- orinjuse

- Red_Knight

- seehund

- segger

- siegfried

- simpletest/MandoTiM

- slimdog360

- sora3

- SquallStrife

- stadl

- stash

- Takoma

- TheFrunj

- The Tick

- thesorehead

- TinBane

- unclebigdave

- Yarrago

- .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

- _sentinel


* = This week's submission posted!


New posters this week:


The idea is to get us to get out there and take photos, so nothing from your archive.


To get started:


Posted Image


Sunset at the top of the hill, Forster

10 second exposure taken at F/16

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Picture of M17 - taken a couple of nights ago


Posted Image

Since joining this group, I have seen the images and equipment get more challenging and wide spread. Looks like the aim to get us out there and see the world has worked :)

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