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Zotac ZBOXHD-ID34BR D525 with Ion2 - Capabilities?

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Grandfather is looking for a bluray player and digital media player, currently has a TV recorder and dvd burner he'd also like to replace with an all in one unit.


Came across this.




An all in one pre-built would be ideal, but would the D525 with Ion2 be capable of TV recording while watching bluray? Or would it be a bit of a one trick pony and not really up to multitasking?


Would most likely max out the memory at 4gb and put an SSD in it, with an external drive for actual storage.


So would this be fast enough?

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It's dual core so that's good. However, it'll really depend on the graphics as the Blu-Ray will be dependent on the GPU acceleration. Given it's an ION, it should be okay. However, if you need to, I think you can bung in a cheap-ish video card like a Radeon 5550 or a Geforce GT240 to supplement it.

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Would they be headless mini PCI-E video cards that would increase performance using the inbuilt HDMI?


I don't have much of an idea when it comes to this atom and ion stuff yet, but it's definitely taking my interest.

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