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Radiator fan screws

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Hi Guys I am running a 120mm Radiator with fan mounting holes on both sides, however the radiator came with only 4 screws to secure a single fan to 1 side of the radiator.

I currently have 2 yate loon fans (120mm) and at the moment am using 2 screws a side, i need 4 more of these screws, anyone know the size or an online stoe that sells them?

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Should be similar thread size to your typical motherboard screws. Not sure what the thread size is exactly though.


What you need to worry about is length, some rads only have 2mm before you'd accidentally start tapping into the radiator and causing a leak :)

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Ok Guys, SOLVED!


I went to a couple of bolts and fasteners joints to see if they had anything, it turns out this is a very rare thread pitch and size, but in all the millions of bolts/screws they had 1 sort at both places it was a Allen Key head that fits and is low profile enough. They were twice the length to what I needed but after a quick hacksaw and filing of burrs I had 4 black radiator fan bolts.


Here is an image before I cut them down so if people want to make it easier for the bolts lads and dont have a sample of their own.

Posted Image


Suitable Screw Measurements:

Imperial: UNC 6-32 (This is what I got but it fits perfect, however it does require shortening as they are 18mm or 3/4" long)

Metric: M3 x 10mm (Gammods have them in Black and Silver) - Preferred no modification option.


Hope this helps people in future.




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