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wiMAX home networking

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Hello all, I recently moved into my new house which was in a broadband "black spot" luckily a wiMAX service was available and has been installed, now I would like to network it throughout the house (wired)


My problem is, that the wiMAX connection requires its own specific modem/router which connects directly to the antenna and distributes the internet from this access point (yes this modem has wireless but I would like a few wired connections also). The access point/modem is located in a downstairs bedroom and I have numerous computers upstairs that i wish to be hard wired in.


The easy solution is obviously to run ethernet cable back up into the roof from the access point/modems 4 ports and then drop them down through the walls to the various computers, however in some rooms i have more than 1 computer and in total i have more than 4 computers needing access to the internet connection, so this leads me to my question.


Can I run an ethernet cable from the primary access point modem into my billion modem/router(wireless also) upstairs and then plug 3 computers into the billion to share the connection in that room?(also would this billion be able to re-broadcast the wifi connection upstairs? so that the signal can be picked up easily up and downstairs from each modem?) this may be a stupid question, but I thought i would get a straight answer from you guys before trying it out :)


I have 2 billion modem routers available to use, the BiPAC 7300GRA and the BiPAC 7402VGP.


Thank you in advance for your advice, it is much appreciated, can't wait to get the interwebs sorted at home again!!! hahah

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