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Must have Apps for iPad

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Bought it yesterday and it's real cool. It really really shows the fingerprints though don't it?


What Apps are the must haves? I would like a Word and PPT editor and a good RPG. Other than that I am open to all ideas of coolness.

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The best I-pad app ive ever come across is the U-SUCK


It basically, destroys all apple apps and makes the world happy again!


<azamoths 1 year future prediction> some famous wrestler to do a ladder match and smash an i-pad on someones face!

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Good to see someone so eloquent, open minded, and not afraid to explore new sections of the forum to spread the love. You do atomic proud.

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OK, here is what I use.


First and foremost - go and buy the Atomic app (web browser) as this allows tabbed browsing



Documents Free - or paid (does word, excel and paint): benifit for this is that it allows me to save these documents from my pc (work related essentials) onto the ipad through itunes

iRead PDF - Same as the above except for PDF: Using this more to upload my work PDFs onto the ipad so I can refer to them when required.

Jumbo - jumbo calculator

Citrix - Allows me to load windows apps from my works citrix server

Bloomberg - Too keep an eye on the economy as my business relies on trade prices of commodities.


Book readers:

Wattpad - Free books

Free Books - As above

Marvel - COMICS!!!

DC Comics - COMICS!!!


Random Apps:

CineXPlayer - Allows you to upload Divx videos from your PC onto your ipad through itunes

Star Walk (paid) - well worth the money spent - works as an educational tool and primarily as a planetarium.

ABC - keeps me up to date on news headlines

PS Express - Photoshop for the Ipad - Must download for the photo buffs

Paypal - Even though it is an Iphone app - better to access via the app if you do more paypal from another PC - you can get security blocked as I have been in the past accessing PP via Safari

Compass and Compass HD - For the NH, but still gives a pretty accurate pointing

Air Mouse - is an iphone app - but awesome if you have a HTPC - allows you to control your PC via your ipad with an onscreen touchpad/keyboard.


Games: I will order them in my preference on best to worst

PvZ HD - Plants vs zombies - absolute addition - First paid game app you should buy!

AirAttack HD - Raiden all over again

Labyrinth - You can get the free app, but the paid version has many more maps

Geared HD - Puzzle games using gears

Broken Sword HD - Ipad remake of the original BS

Chaos Rings HD - One of the better RPG/Puzzle games out there by Square Enix

Chopper 2 - Get in tha choppaa

Pocket Legends - MMORPG for the ipad - will drain your battery like a mofo

GT Fishing HD - Fun for quick arcade bursts


Thats it for now - If you want more details on any of the above, let me know and I can try elaborate further.

Edited by motiv

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Big oven- a lot of recipes! Lets you search to determine what can make from what you have leftover in the fridge.


New York times- not worth it. Clearly designed for the iPhone/touch. Looks shit on the big screen.



I am after a good world map app. Most of the ones on the app store seem to have poor reviews and are flawed in some major way.


Also a deep RPG (J or otherwise).


And if anyone has released a Advance Wars knock-off I would be very pleased.


How well do the handwriting recognition apps work (I noticed praise for Noteshelf above)? Do you have to change your writing to be recognised and can you use them to compose emails or edit a document?

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I was going to get an iPad this weekend but then I read the new one will be out fairly soon so I will hold off for now.


Do like the look of most of the apps motiv mentioned cause alot will help me with work as well :)

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Yes, it does show fingerprints rather badly. Get yourself an anti glare screen protector. Prevents unwanted reflection AND makes fingerprints much less obvious.


Best apps really depends on what you use it for. Most doc readers are good for txt and PDF., but they seem to have problems with word docs ... I find Pages to be the best for this, specially with the recent update to include export to *.doc. Keynote is ipad's equivalent to PowerPoint and does a fantastic job of it too.


No suggestion for RPGs ... Not really into them.


My most used apps are;

Pages, numbers, keynote, Good Reader, Photogene, photo sort, Ijournaler, Living Rooms, Kindle, Ibooks, Audiobooks, Living Rooms.


Other faves;

FTP deluxe, VCL, CineXPlayer, Photobucket, Atomic Web Browser, Google Earth, Drop Box, Ikea catalogue & ABC for iPad.


Faves games;

Cogs, osmos, angry birds, broken sword, monkey island, puzzle agent, frotz, insanity, blue blocks, splode, animalia & parcel panic.


Looking forward to the OS 4.2 release next month, mostly for the long awaited wifi print support... The only thing I find lacking for iPad.

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