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Looking for a song

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Hey all, I have a song stuck in my head that has been niggling at me for ages, I've heard it a few times on Triple J (most recent being on Thursday but the song may be older) but I neveer manage to catch the title.


It sort of has a synth sound to it and during the chorus it has a guitar in the background (electric), it's a slow song but damn catchy. The lyrics I could catch (in no order and even then they may be incorrect seeing as the guy sort of mumbles them to a tune): "Close my eyes every time... ... . feel my toes in a sunny place like home.... . .. .. .. Just show me how" something something, the just show me how bit comes just after the main chorus.


I know it's a long shot but I would dearly love to knwo this song.




Edit - Last I heard it was on Thursday, not Friday for anyone that happened to be listening.

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King's spent most of the day banging on about how this is the greatest song and that even I had to admit it. When he finally posted it, I had to see what he had such a raging musical boner over.


Rather than post my own response, I have decided to reply with another electro-pop song, featuring Georges St. Pierre:


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