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New ios 4 bug

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A new security bug has been found in iOS 4.1 that lets you bypass an iPhone's passcode lock to make calls and access contact information.


Instructions to Reproduce:

● Lock your iPhone using a passcode

● Press Emergency Call

● Dial a non existant number #946494

● Immediately press the Power button as it begins making the call


After performing these steps the contacts application will open giving you access to the entire address book, recent call history, and voicemail of the person's iPhone.


You can also make calls and send emails.


Apple has reportedly been notified of the security bug already.




I tested this on a 4.1 iPhone 3gs as well as a 4.0.2 iPhone 4 and it unlocked both.

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Doesn't happen in iOS 4.2b3, so I guess they've been aware of it a while.

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