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Looking for a laptop for uni $1000-$1500

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Last Friday I too got the top spec Asus N53SV


I'm really happy with it


I haven't tried all the bits yet (microphone and web cam as you stated), so I'll get around to that soon


I will say one thing though, coming from building all my PC's to buying a prebuilt laptop had its annoyances


The amount of crap they bundle with these things is insane


I uninstalled some software, which caused other things to fail


So I wiped it, but left the recovery partition (which came in very handy later on)


I reinstalled Windows 7 HP, but the OEM key didn't work with my upgrade disk (I should have known that)


I figured out how to recover the original Windows install, and my word was I happy too see it again


I uninstalled everything I possibly could, then went about putting back what I needed


It now runs really smoothly, and the media keys and Nvidia Optimus works properly

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I find that reading the Asus bloatware guide here helps to figure out what you can and can't get rid of.

I'm loving my N53SV at the moment as well - the screen is still fantastic (with the exception of viewing angles) and I'm getting used to the keyboard fairly fast. My only caveat is that Nvidia Optimus seems to not work correctly with Minecraft - I find that I have to manually set it to run with the GT540M every time I start it, and it seems to crash on me (window goes blank, but I can still see the cursor and input commands) after about 30 minutes or so. I suspect that it's a combination of Nvidia Optimus drivers and Java conspiring against me. Other games are fine - Company of Heroes is fine, FlatOut 2 has worked fine with Optimus.

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