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256mb USB Drive Thinks 5gig

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So I was messing about with PC Clone (Free) today and tried to clone a 5.7-ish gig Recovery partition on to a 256mb USB Drive.


It didnt cause any errors with regards to destination size not large enough, so i went through to see what would happen.

All was good it finished 'Successfully'. So i plugged it in to an XP machine and now it shows up as a 5.7ish gig drive. (under My Computer > Removable Drive > Properties)

it has 1.4gig used of 5.7gig.


Under Disk Management it shows up as a 256mb drive.


Now my question is, i know when data is written to a disk its not necessarily in order, what would happen to anything i try to copy?

would some data exist on the drive and some disappear?

why do all the files from the clone show up, with file types and sizes intact?


Thanks in advance for putting my mind to rest.

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Tried the same drive in Windows 7 box? Just in case you have corrupted drivers for that device.

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