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which adsl2 modem?

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Well ADSL modems are also routers so why not get a wireless modem/router so it's all in one ?

Because, as I found out the hard way, an all-in-one device has to have the components of two devices built into it, and in order to compete at a decent price point there's usually a compromise between quality and cost. I will agree that if you aren't looking for top-shelf performance then it's a worthwhile compromise, but if you want better performance then I've found going with two discreet devices is better. Besides that, you're removing a single point-of-failure from the equation: with an all-in-one if one part goes down the whole device is gone. With two discreet ones then if one dies you only need to replace/fix that single one, or you may even be able to still limp along with just the other one.


Aaaanyway...if all you want is an inexpensive modem then I also recommend a TP-Link. I recently purchased myself a TD-8810. It's only got a single LAN port, though, so if you want something a bit more then look at the TD-8840; as the '4' in the model number suggests, it has 4 router ports built into it.


According to StaticIce, the 8810 has an average price of only $29, and the 8840 is anywhere between $35 to $40. Both of them have had favourable reviews, and at that price point you can't argue. My 8810 has been syncing at faster rates than my old modem, it sets up rock-solid connections, and doesn't run very hot (the old one could cook a roast dinner on it).

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