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Overclocking RAM question.

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I got 6GB of the Corsair Dominator GT 2000MHz series CMT6G3M3A2000C8 RAM as an early Christmas present.


I have a n00b question about the settings if this ram.


If I set it to 1600MHz in the BIOS, and I theoretically overclock 20% I'll be adding 160 x 2 (160 = 10% of 1600) which means adding 320mhz to the speed, totaling at 1920mhz (as close to 2000MHz as possible) which means my ram will be well under what it is rated at, yet my CPU will be overclocked.


Or does it mean I can set the RAM to 2000MHz in the BIOS and overclock, thus taking it well past its rated specs and as it is sold as "overclocking" RAM, which will be able to go past its rated 2000MHz spec and still offer stability?


A little confused which road to take. 1600MHz or 2000MHz ?




And Merry Christmas :)

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