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Doctor Orange

JPG colour renders poorly in Safari

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I'm having trouble getting a JPG to render properly in Safari (4.0 I think).


The image is blocks of pure red and white - FF0000 and FFFFFF


In Photoshop it's set to RGB color mode, 8-bit depth, and I am saving with full quality with ICC Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1


This is rendering fine in Firefox (all versions), IE (as many as I've tested) and pretty much everything else except for some versions for Safari, where the red is rendering as #DA0000, or #F30013 (depending on which browser shots site I use.)


The white is rendering off too:

(That's the white and red image on top of a DIV with true red [#FF0000] background-color.)


I'm not too cluey when it comes to color profiles and such, so some help would be great.





Saving without ICC profile seems to have made it work. I thought ICC was good...


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