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qx9650 + p45t extreme

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hi guys


first post here on atomic please be gentle :)


anyway i'm basically hunting for info that i'm having trouble finding and asking stupid questions noone seems to know the answer to.


my system is as follows


mobo:- p45t extreme

cpu:- qx9650

ram:- gskill pi 1600mhz 6-8-6-24 1.6v

gpu:- toxic 5850 900/1200

psu:- silverstone strider 1000W

case:- raven rv01

watercooled with 3 x 120 rad + ek blocks and gskill ram fan





ok now what the rig has done so far

22839 3dmarks with the q9550




with the qx9650 but not stable :(




so your probably wondering whats this guys issue? why post showing us this stuff? well here come the stupid questions


i can not get it to post or boot with ram at 1600mhz without pumping a minimum 1.8Vdram..

why? how long would my gskill 1.6v sticks last at that voltage? why is no newer low voltage ram on the QVL? corsair have 1600mhz sticks recommended on their website for the board but i haven't got a reply as to whether they'll hit 1600mhz.


the q9550 was rock solid at 4ghz a little flakey at 4.2 but managable, the qx9650 on the other hand is constantly bsod'ing "error 124", "machine check" etc as i push it higher. just out of curiousity and lack of infomation i got it to boot at 400x9 on full auto volts just to see what the board would want .. scarey :S


why would the board be pushing such high vtt and pll at that speed? its insane! yet vcore and mch so low?


based on info i have read its all back to front, the only way i can make sense of this is the board is designed for 65nm chips and older 1.8 to 2v ddr3 ram that can handle such high voltage and with the newer hardware not needing or being able to handle it. or my board is shot :S


my goal is to get the qx9650 to 4ghz+ 24/7 stable with ram at 1:2 but its not looking possible


phew thats a lot to chew on, well if anyone has any answers, questions or suggestions, i'm all ears :)


thanks for taking your time to read

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