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tomtom lcd as pc monitor

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Hi , im new here,

im wanting to use the tomtom touch screen and put the screen on the pc case and use it for temp,music etc...

is this possible ??

Ive seen a few mods like this but not with a tom tom touch screan.

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What interfaces does it provide? I would have thought it'd need to hook straight up to a LCD controller and touchscreen controller.


Most of those embedded devices do not run VGA graphic cards and USB input devices.

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Okay, this image:


Posted Image


See that rather wide ribbon cable? That's your video input to the LCD panel. You need a LCD controller to interface that to the video output on your computer.


Now look closer, see the small 4-wire ribbon on the far right? That's the 4-wire resistive touchscreen. You need to wire that, to a touchscreen controller.


As I said before, embedded devices in general do not use the same interfaces as a desktop computer. Yes, you did successfully identify a USB host port, but notice the LCD screen does not attach to it. You would need specialist firmware running on the Tom tom unit and USB-to-USB network cable to relay imagery and screen taps backwards and forwards.

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ok, so i now i have to look for a controller for touch screen and one for the lcd to get me started.

is there a particular board/controller that i would have to get ?

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One that's compatible with the pin-out of your LCD's ribbon cable.


Quite possible, only Tom tom knows how this thing is wired. Chances of getting an off-the-shelf board that will interface to your computer? Probably very small.


As for the touch screen, if you can identify where the four pins themselves, two will correspond to the left and right sides of the screen, the others, the top and bottom. The way resistive touchscreens work, is they apply a voltage to L & R and look for the resistance between there and either T or B. Then they apply a voltage to T & B, and look at the resistance between there and L or R. This yields three measurements, which correspond to the Y and X locations. The two measurements can be averaged to get pressure.


You'd need to identify these, and run them off to a touchscreen controller. I know of several that interface to I²C and SPI, which can be bit-banged on a parallel port. Then you've got to write a device driver for your operating system … easy enough in Linux.

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i think for now ill ring around and search around for controller for the lcd, if not ill need to find some other lcd to use.

as for touch screen not to fussed, as i would liked to have used it as the tomtom lcd has it all ready

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hi, I cant find any controller for that screan, gotta find somethin else i can use.



I have a touch pad i pulled out of a old laptop


wondering if i can hook it up view usb on win 7


Ive trial and error hooking up the wires and i do get a response ,

error the usb item is non functional and cant be detected.


not sure if i need drivers before i can connect it.


anyone done somethin like this before.

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as soon as you cut a usb or similar they are no good anymore


wayyy to much of a stuff around


been there tried that


here's what id be looking at even if it is from egay and its in italy


but theres a start for ya .....have a troll around ebay and see if you can find one closer to home :)





Display 8" Widescreen TFT-LCD

Backlight Built in CCFT

High Resolution 1600 x 1200

Supported Resolution 640 x 480 ~ 1600 x 1200

Physical Resolution 800 (H) x 480 (V)

Supported Voltage 11V DC ~ 24V DC

Brightness Rating 400cd/m² with touchscreen

Contrast Ratio 350

Video Input System NTSC/PAL Auto switching

Power Source 12VDC@950mA

Operation Temperature 20° C to +78° C

Color Figuration Stripe

View angle L/R/T/B 65/65/40/65




pending on what psu\system you have

it is possible to wire this straight to your pc

and be done with the power adapter and half of the power cable


let me know if you have any drama's and ill do what i can :)

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