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120Hz Flicker on Samsun 2233RZ

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Hey guys,


I've been meaning to find a fix for this problem a while ago when I got this monitor but have had other things to do!


A few months ago I bought A 22" Samsung 2233RZ 120Hz 3D monitor. I hooked it up to my PC (i5 760 & Gainward GTX 560 GS-GLH) with the included cable...I think!


I set it to 120Hz refresh rate because I could! However every 10-15secs in windows it would flicker. Reducing the refresh rate to 100Hz fixed this so I have left it on that since I bought it.


I recently tried 120Hz again only to get the same problem, I have tried using the other socket on the graphics card but still the same problem.


Should I try another cable? I read somewhere that to get 120Hz you need a "duel link" cable. I would be pretty sure tho the one I'm using would be duel link.


Any other thoughts? cheers


p.s. oops at the thread title!!

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Ok update time!


I have not bought a Gainward stock reference GTX 570. Great card, love it!


Only problem is, I tried 120Hz again on my monitor, I got no flicker in Windows which was great. However when I loaded up BC2 I was only getting 30fps with huge mouse lag! (used to get 80+). I was like... "WTF"!!


Did a quick google search and found something about the refresh rate causing it, so I down tuned to 100Hz and hey presto, no mouse lag and 100+ fps!


I don't really care about not running in 120Hz mode, just curious as to why this is the case?? Is it a bandwidth issue?



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