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Activ Directory help needed

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Hey people


At tech I am trying to work out how to create a domain audit policy that will allow me to track the creation of privileged accounts and so far I haven't been able to find any resources to help me with this, the more advanced options for audit policys in GPMC don't seem to have options to do anything of this kind.


I have to stipulate what constitutes a privileged account and justify it which essentially means I can tailor it depending on what the relevant option is in regards to the actual audit policy but I can't find any helpful information on tech net in regards to tracking this.


Is anyone able to help me out I have been trying to work this out all day with no luck, even links to some helpful sites would be greatly appreciated


EDIT: Excuse the title fail - if a mod sees this could you please correct it so people don't instantly assume I have no idea what Active Directory is -_-

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