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Tiny decent speakers please

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Just grabbed a PDA from the trademart which is gonna become an internet radio\clock\skype device.


Dads a builder and ive had some experience, so i should be able to find or build a nice box for this. However issue is, what speakers to use.


I want to listen to shoutcast stuff in bed is the aim of this. I think i have all the software sorted out. I saw the Logitech V20s which are a great size, but are USB. I dont mind USB powered but they need to be 3.5mm audio jack.


For what they're being used for probably even the most basic speakers would do, i just need to find the right size.


Anyone know some tiny 2.0's that dont sound shit and are sub $50?

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You might consider these.


But they're not cheap ($90ish including delivery), and they're probably better quality that you're looking for.

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Edifier M1250

those little dudes are looking cool so far.



as are Logitech LS11



a few 'generic' brands look OK as it only needs redio quality sound for streaming shoutcast in bed, so i dont need it to be amazing.


though i cant help but think a propper brand name speaker will sound nicer than a generic.


still looking though.

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