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Z5500D any other options at this price point.

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logitech has just released the z5500 replacement

z906 http://www.logitech.com/en-us/speakers-aud...ker-system-Z906

but from just looking at the specs its more expencive and no better but maybe some reviews will show a hidden improvement


the funny thing when it comes to audio though is spec really do mean fuck all. like sweet fuck all.


on the flip side though, a product like this is made to a price point


true enough i just find it a bit odd that some cheaper speakers have a tweater but there high end kits dont

z5500 ect. are good for there price but they have a big gap between what the sub can produce and what the sats can manage and there is no high tones without tweats

i just would have thought they could have dont a bit more with the speakers for the extra price vs the current than just add a few more ports which are useless for most pc users

but who knows like you say maybe they have a new cone\driver in the sats which can produce a much better range from the one speaker or they fixed the sub so it can do a little more than a deep thumping rumble which we cant know without a very good review or hands on experience

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