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2 of the world's ugliest webcams for $1 and $2 each from Salvo stores.  One's a pig and the other looks like a cross between a minion and a Bubble Bobble monster.  Top resolution of 640x480.

The thought being that I could just pull the guts out and have a couple of nice little inspection cameras.
But the board it's mounted on + components and flimsy soldered in wiring means the thing takes about 2 x 2 x 1.5 cm minimum so not exactly great for tight spaces.

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a gigabyte gtx1060 6gb - ocau's loss is my gain at a bargain price, almost brand new


matches my other components to perfection, so i am now pimped to the max for an older build :

i7-2600k  4.1ghz @1.22v / megahalems / gigabyte z77-d3h / samsung 850 evo 250 / 2x8gb G.Skill ares @ 2133 cl10 / asus xonar d2 + klipsch promedia ultra 2.0 + ath ad700 / Lian Li PC-A17B & corsair hx750i & noctua fans / gigabyte gtx1060 oc 6g / dell u2515h


+120 core / +160 vram - boosts to over 2ghz gaming without any voltage tweaks, and maxes out at 72c or so with minimal fan noise, compared to the gtx760 oc it replaced, which was silent enough in 2d, but revved under gaming quite noticeably

only pulls 120w, needing a single 6 pin auxiliary power cable (the 769 needed 6+8)


rise of flight at 1440 fully blinged up is beautiful to behold, and i am having a hoot replaying crysis 2, while dishonored 2 is waiting for it's turn


i'm really pleased with my buy 🙂





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