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Since I don't do audio much at the moment I'd kinda forgotten AKG but they've always made good kit.



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16 minutes ago, scruffy1 said:

as a separate issue, bought me some new headphones (another impulse from ocau, but with my standard prior research)


today's item was a pair of AKG Q701 - quincy jones' edition


paired with the alo pan am tube amp i also got from ocau, i am now happily listening to ~ $1400 worth of equipment for a little over 1/4 new price... and it sounds really, really lovely  🎧



having got way more than my money's worth out of the audiotechnica ad700's which i have had since the start of 2010 (and still love), i was worried that this is the start of a new obsession... but then i realised it is just some more of a continuing one





Every pair of headphones is "the last pair I need" 😉

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the detail and sound stage are astounding; they are as neutral as the audiotechnicas but even more expansive in the reproduction


the bass is not "loud" but oh boy ! there are more notes and nuances in it than i ever heard before - the hifi itch has transformed my appreciation of bass every time i try some new gear



looks like i get to listen to my playlists again (and again)... only 7000+ songs to go

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Just got an XFX Radeon 5700XT (replacing a Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini OC), not bad so far, the Timespy benchmark gave me a welcoming BSOD towards the end of the initial demo run but all good since (touch wood).

Some people have put R9 290/390 H/S assemblies on the 5700 improving things somewhat so I might give that a go later in the week.

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