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Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

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I found the BF3 SP playthrough fairly ok on my system although it did start crashing out on me on one level around the middle of the campaign, full computer lockup and hard reset neaded. came back to it 9 months later and it did the same thing but tried 3 or so times and somehow it skipped ahead a checkpoint and was all good from then on - so yeah bit of a gamebreaking bug for some reason on that checkpoint but otherwise ok. Although I did find the bit towards the end with the plane sweeping through and unloading on the squad and the squad hiding behind cars a bit farfetched - everyone would be little specks of red on the dirt from that after one pass...


If it works anything like bf3 its probably better to save $10 and get the standard + premium because all the expansions will be included in premium. Deluxe buyers may get access a couple of days earlier to the China Rising expansion but at the end of the day that means nothing.

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Is this still going on, or the clan disbanded/moved to BF4? Iif the latter, do you want to keep this thread for it, or start a new one?

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Hey Guys!


Add me in.. My player name is "Almighty_au"


Damm dude where you been????


Oh and I have added you to the ACDC Platoon. Welcome. Watch out for the suppression. And the Dart.



Been in the real world Mate. Have missed the old days of [AC-DC].

Is there a BF4 platoon? Hit me up..

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